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Rafaëlle Lavigne 

independant escort

I'm Rafaëlle, passionate, spontaneous and open-minded.  Passionnate because I want you to be comfortable with me, like we already know each other. I'm empathetic and a good listener. Spontaneous because I won't hesitate to play with you, tease you and add a touch of madness in our moment together.  Open-mind because I like role play, pegging and so many other things.  I can't wait to hear about your desires and fantasies to help you  reach them, to the best of my ability. Wheter our moment is passionnate or more kinky, you're gonna see that I enjoy what I do. I just wanna see the pleasure in your face (and have a little fun, I admit). 

Looking forward to meet you, 

Rafaëlle x

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